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Aertssen Machinery Services for contracting

7650 airport road, Dammam 13244, Saudi Arabia

Why choose us?

People, power and passion to build on.

Aertssen excels in heavy lifting, specialized transport, and earth-moving in the Middle East. With advanced equipment and skilled operators, we bring precision and efficiency to every project.

In heavy lifting, our expertise shines in handling complex operations seamlessly. From lifting substantial structures to intricate maneuvers, our commitment to excellence sets us apart. We meticulously plan each lift with detailed lifting plans, tailored to project specifics. Our extensive range of lifting gears ensures the safe and precise execution of projects with utmost care and professionalism.

For specialized transport, we're recognized for reliability and innovation. Our diverse fleet includes low bed trailers, extendable low bed trailers, modular trailers, and self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT). Going beyond, we conduct road surveys and provide transport drawings for meticulous planning, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of oversized loads.

In earth-moving, we shape project foundations with care, from digging to leveling. Our commitment to efficiency, safety, and sustainability contributes to the progress of the region's construction scene.
7650 airport road, Dammam 13244, Saudi Arabia

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