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World’s largest piling project shifts to THE LINE’s marina

NEOM is preparing to shift the focus of the world’s largest piling project to THE LINE modules at the marina as excavation work for the waterway reaches an advanced stage.   The structures that make up THE LINE comprise 135 modules that are 800 metres in length and 500 metres tall at sea level. In total, THE LINE is 170 kilometres long and extends from the Red Sea coast inland towards Tabuk.   Modules 45, 46 and 47 are at the marina, which is expected to be two times bigger than any other marina in the world and capable of hosting the largest cruise ships.

The marina is located on the other side of THE LINE to the sea, so ships must pass through THE LINE buildings.  This is a major engineering challenge as it means creating a 165-metre-wide waterway passing through the 500-metre-tall buildings.

The largest cruise ship is the Wonder of the Seas, which is 67 metres wide and 72 metres tall, and requires a draught of nearly 10 metres. 

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