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The Vault - a folded village - is being built at TROJENA

NEOM has unveiled The Vault, a hyper-modern village built vertically (as opposed to THE LINE – the project’s world-changing linear city). To save space, The Village folds in on itself, tucked inside a hollowed mountain in the TROJENA area. The revolutionary project will be 198 metres high, 253 metres wide and 864 metres long (which is slightly longer than the Burj Khalifa is high). It will have a total area of 200,000 sq m.

The Vault will comprise more than 450 homes, 1,000 hotel rooms spread across five- and four-star hotels, and what NEOM calls “specialist hospitality” spaces. There will also be 13,000 metres squared of retail and dining space.

"The Vault is one of our unique offerings. Its incredible design supports some of NEOM’s important principles like sustainability, preservation of land and getting away from the normal approach to building cities on a grid that spreads out far and wide; taking up huge amounts of land and requiring lots of time in travel." - TROJENA executive director Philip Gullett

TROJENA will offer year-round outdoor skiing and adventure sports to be completed in 2026, an unrivalled experience and a global landmark for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Highlights include a stunning man-made freshwater lake and ‘The Vault’. It is a folded village fusing technology, entertainment and hospitality – as the main gateway into TROJENA.

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