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Saudi Arabia launches world's first luxury Arabian cruise line

After introducing its highly futuristic NEOM plans, Saudi Arabia has shifted its sights towards the aquatic tourism sector, Gulf News reported. The Kingdom has unveiled plans to launch the world's first Arabian cruise line, AROYA Cruises. AROYA cruises aim to celebrate the cultural heritage and the natural wonders of Saudi Arabia.

The flagship vessel of AROYA Cruises is a 335-metre floating resort with 1,678 cabins, including balcony cabins overlooking the sea and luxury suites and villas.

Travellers can also opt for the VIP experience, which will make their trip more memorable. The VIP package includes more spacious and premium suites, outdoor lounges, and exceptional dining experiences.

The AROYA cruises will make their first voyage in the Red Sea in December 2024 and will visit private islands and destinations in Egypt and Jordan.

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