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Saudi Arabia announces 6 new mining opportunities at Future Minerals Forum 2023

Saudi Arabia has announced six new mining opportunities that will be presented at Future Minerals Forum 2023 (FMF 2023), which is taking place from 10 to 12 January at King Abdulaziz International Conference Centre in Riyadh. The projects come under the accelerated mining exploration initiative, which was launched in January 2022, according to a press statement by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources.

Those sites are :

  • Ar Ridaniyah site in Riyadh: Covering an area of more than 78 square kilometres (sq km), it has deposits of zinc and silver ore
  • Umm Hadid site in Riyadh: Spread over an area of more than 246 sq km, it contains deposits of silver, lead, zinc and copper
  • Jabal Idsas site in Riyadh: Spanning 121 sq km, it contains deposits rich in iron ore
  • Bir Umq in Madinah: Spanning an area of 187 sq km, the site is rich in copper and zinc
  • Jabal Sahabiyah in Asir: The site, spread over 283 sq km, contains zinc, lead, copper and iron deposits
  • Muhadad site in Asir: Spread over 139 sq km, the site contains copper, zinc and gold

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