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Riyadh - Desert Capital Will Turn Green in $23 billion Project

Saudi Arabia aims to turn its arid capital into a desert oasis, though the ambitious project may encounter issues that have plagued the kingdom's other sustainability-focused initiatives. Nicknamed "Green Riyadh," the urban forestation effort aims to improve the air quality and reduce the temperature in the capital. Characteristic of the kingdom's recent efforts at urban regeneration, the big-budget transformation of Riyadh into a verdant metropolis would be a significant victory for Prince Salman's Vision 2030.

Part of the "Quality of Life" schemes comprising Vision 2030, Green Riyadh was one of four "giga projects" launched by King Salman bin Abdulaziz in March 2019.

Central to Green Riyadh are afforestation efforts, which involve planting 7.5 million trees of around 100 different species across the capital's gardens, parks, mosques, schools, and streets by 2030.

The trees will be kept healthy using recycled water from an irrigation network, the development of which will require a new water treatment network.

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