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New technologies open unexpected opportunities for Saudi Arabia

Throughout history, human ingenuity has been the key driver of economic and political changes.  Whether by accident or deliberate action, humans have often developed and adopted new technologies whose impact on the rise and fall of empires and regions far exceed their original inventors’ imagination.

One such strategic location that comes to mind is the NEOM special economic zone, in northwest Saudi Arabia. A consultant study produced in 2014 identified the northwest quadrant of the Arabian Peninsula, which includes NEOM, as a geostrategic location for airfreight transshipment because it is almost equidistant from the major population centers in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Therefore, the NEOM airport has the potential for becoming NEOM’s anchor business that kickstarts its rise to become a global business hub.

NEOM airport could become one of the largest air transshipment hubs in the world, with other businesses like 3D manufacturing to follow - Nabil Alkhowaiter

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