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NEOM's tech unit rebrands as ‘TONOMUS’, invests $1 bln in 2022 in AI

NEOM Tech & Digital Company – the first company to be established as a full-fledged subsidiary of NEOM; Saudi Arabia’s flagship business and tourism development on the Red Sea – has rebranded as ‘TONOMUS’, the company announced on Tuesday, as it works to integrate artificial intelligence-led technology in the building of its mega projects.

The name change represents TONOMUS’ commitment to “realizing its vision, which includes attracting world-class tech talent to sustain and extend innovation, making Saudi Arabia a hub for global entrepreneurship and enabling NEOM to act as a global connector for the Kingdom,” the company said in a statement on its website.

"The launch of TONOMUS confirms our progress toward achieving the goals of NEOM and Vision 2030. TONOMUS will support our ambitions by contributing to the future of the tech and digital industry, stimulating innovation, and driving the development of the world’s first cognitive community. This will be realized by involving the most talented and brightest minds to develop the integrated system that will be utilized across all of NEOM’s businesses, sectors and projects.” - Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM

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