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NEOM Seeks Firms to Commence Construction of the TROJENA Mirage Visitor Center

NEOM has begun seeking firms that are interested in the construction of the TROJENA Mirage visitor center. Dubbed the Mirage, the facility will be the visitor center that will receive and transfer visitors to the various TROJENA destinations. It is also expected to operate as the first access point for those who seek to explore TROJENA and its beauties.

The construction of the site will be located on the lower plateau of the mountain and it will offer an explicit introduction to TROJENA. The TROJENA Mirage will be near The Vault, another futuristic cluster destination in NEOM. The two will act as the gateway access points that usher guests into TROJENA. The Vault, on the other hand, is an advanced technology gateway that will be designed close to the Mirage. It will offer a variety of services such as hospitality, beverage, and entertainment.

The TROJENA Mirage visitor center will be constructed in a way that the hub will be transparent from the inside and outside. It is expected to be part of the gateway cluster, a cluster specifically designed for the welcoming of guests. Visitors will be ushered in through the Mirage to explore other cluster destinations in TROJENA. This includes the Valley cluster, the Discover cluster, and the Explore cluster. It also includes the relaxed cluster and even the fun cluster such as the TROJENA ski village. The gateway cluster, which entails the Mirage and the Vault, will be set near each other. This will offer a dramatic introduction to the mountain landscape for those arriving in TROJENA. It will also reduce the on-ground development footprint which will immensely benefit the surrounding nature as insighted by the Executive Director of TROJENA.

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