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NEOM CIO Dr. Manar Al Moneef Champions Future Investments at Global Clean Energy Event

During a recent global clean energy event, Dr. Manar Al Moneef, the Chief Investment Officer of the ambitious Saudi project NEOM, took center stage to emphasize the critical role of futuristic investments in shaping the next transformation. This significant event hosted a Leadership dialogue moderated by Florian Merz, featuring a panel of renowned experts from the energy transition and hydrogen sectors, including representatives from thyssenkrupp, Linde Engineering, and SIEMENS Energy.

NEOM's investment strategy, as highlighted by Dr. Al Moneef, is not just about creating wealth but about pioneering a sustainable future. The dialogue delved into how hydrogen, and specifically green hydrogen, stands at the forefront of this transition. With the global energy landscape rapidly evolving, the insights shared during the event underscored the importance of embracing clean, renewable sources of energy, with hydrogen being a key player.

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