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MBC GROUP’s “Top Chef” TV show chooses NEOM for latest season production

MBC GROUP’s “Top Chef” chooses NEOM for latest season production. Contestants set to take on challenges that will require innovative thinking and a sustainable approach, from using locally sourced ingredients to integrating energy-efficient cooking methods.

Bringing a new creative direction to the acclaimed reality TV series in the region, the latest season of “Top Chef” marks a partnership that promises a fusion of competitive culinary arts with ultra-modern urban development.

Originally launched by Bravo in the United States, “Top Chef” centres around chefs competing against each other in various culinary challenges. The contestants are judged by a panel of professional chefs and other notable personalities from the food and beverage industry, with one or more contestants eliminated at the end of each episode.

“NEOM offers a visionary setting for the culinary excellence demonstrated in ‘Top Chef’. Bringing the show to NEOM is not merely a change of location; it is a significant step in redefining the future of filming in the Kingdom. This eighth season will merge the high-energy competition that viewers expect with a strong emphasis on ecological awareness and sustainable living, reflecting the core values of NEOM as a city of the future.” - Samar Akrouk, MBC GROUP’s Director of Production and General Manager of MBC STUDIOS

In just two years, NEOM has facilitated over 40 productions encompassing Hollywood, Bollywood, Arabic, and Saudi feature films, alongside high-quality TV documentaries, non-scripted entertainment, scripted productions, and commercials.

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