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Korean firm HanmiGlobal wins additional deal at NEOM

HanmiGlobal Co., a Korean construction management service provider, said on Wednesday it has won an additional order related to the NEOM City project, the world’s largest smart city construction project currently underway in Saudi Arabia.  The company is preparing a binding contract after receiving a letter of intent for the monitoring service for the construction of residential facilities for workers participating in the project. The construction site covers an area of 26,500 square meters and will include accommodations, sports and entertainment facilities, restaurants and medical facilities.

Among the total plan to build 489,500 houses, HanmiGlobal will participate in the project for 50,000. The contract amount is approximately 9 billion won ($6.91 million) and the company will perform tasks such as design, procurement, construction review, on-site safety and environmental management monitoring, defect handling and inspection management after approval of use until 2024.

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