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How NEOM is preserving and enhancing Saudi Arabia’s natural capital

NEOM, as part of Saudi Arabia’s leading role on climate change action, is designing the world’s most livable and sustainable society.  At NEOM, a climate-first approach to sustainable development is intrinsic to all their plans and they are working with researchers, educators, startups, and investors to make this a reality. They are also investing in and developing clean energy generation, zero waste desalination, advanced and clean manufacturing, technology, research, and innovation across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors.

Innovative clean energy storage initiatives are also being created such as a gravity energy storage system within THE LINE, a linear city of hyperconnected future communities, without cars and built around nature, stretching 170km long and 200m wide. The system will be operational by 2030 and will allow for a bulk energy supply to power THE LINE’s commercial and residential communities – optimizing for low costs, minimal emissions, and maximum reliability.

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