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52 Global Banking Leaders Witness Ongoing Progress at NEOM Firsthand

In a further show of progress and stability, NEOM has hosted representatives from 52 global, regional and local financial institutions in the developing region. While in NEOM, guests witnessed ongoing progress across key projects such as THE LINE, OXAGON, TROJENA, and Sindalah, the luxury island destination set to open soon.

The event drew representatives from 24 international banks and financial institutions, including those from Germany, Spain, France, England, the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea; 13 regional banks from Qatar, Kuwait, and the UAE; and 15 financial institutions from Saudi Arabia.

Last year, NEOM orchestrated the largest public-private partnership for accommodation amounting to a total value of more than SAR 21 billion, and also announced with DSV a SAR 37.5 billion joint venture to provide logistics services for NEOM. News of these, and other NEOM partnerships, were received positively by guests at Discover NEOM China, which took place in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong earlier this month, with more than 500 senior business and industry leaders in attendance.

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