ENOWA adopts helicopter-aided method for construction

NEOM’s water and electricity subsidiary ENOWA has completed a trial using helicopters to install high-voltage transmission line towers, advancing its renewable-based energy system project.   The innovative construction method involves airlifting individual tower components to the NEOM mountains and assembling them at the tower base. This approach eliminates the need for carbon-intensive trucks, cranes, and heavy equipment, aligning with NEOM's commitment to sustainability. 

“Building the power grid transmission towers in the mountains of NEOM is an opportunity for ENOWA to set a standard for using this world-class method of construction, helping to offset environmental impact and preserve the integrity of the natural environment,” - Thorsten Schwarz, ENOWA’s executive director of Power System Engineering.   

ENOWA delivered the project in partnership with Saudi Electricity Co., Al Sharif Group Holdings, Helicopter Express Inc., and Al Rushaid Group. 

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