Why advertise on NEOM Directory?

We are the only suppliers directory which lists companies available and willing to work on the NEOM project.  Whilst we are not part of the NEOM project we do have an amazingly wide reach of users and visitors who want to know which companies are available for work and what skills they have.

We don't make you complete extensive supplier registration or supply chain and logistics forms. We only need your pitch to tell potential buyers what your company can do and how to contact you.

Our visitors are typically senior management in procurement, consulting, engineering and production.   Companies listed in our directory have told us they've already started dealing with each other and pitching for contracts with major NEOM contractors. We frequently get requests for equipment and personnel supply.


Unique Monthly VisitorsUnique Monthly Visitors


Typical visitor locationsTypical visitor locations


Typical monthly visits and visitor locationsNEOM Directory traffic figures

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Mass mail our supplier directory

If you want to reach people directly we can mass email 2000 decision makers in NEOM, Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East quickly for a low cost. Our open and click statistics are excellent and we can customise a campaign for you with any number of media assets. 

A single campaign with your supplied content and graphics is only $250. We provide discounts for larger campaigns. Ask for details.


Email statistics January 2024

neom email stats jan 2024

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