Saudi Arabia reimagines New York’s Manhattan as NEOM’s THE LINE

Manhattan has been reimagined as a single long vertical city, in a similar manner to NEOM’s THE LINE in Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia’s futuristic city of NEOM announced earlier this year THE LINE, a 170 km vertical city that can be travelled end to end in 20 minutes. THE LINE, part of the $500 billion NEOM project, will be built on a footprint of 34 square kilometres.

The new vision for Manhattan sees the borough’s 8.93 million people placed in a “zero gravity” 34 kilometre square vertical city which will enhance nature, according to a video on THE LINE’s website.

At NEOM, THE LINE will be a 200 metres wide, 170 kilometres long, and 500 metres above sea level. The development will be formed of two parallel buildings, with mirror as outer walls, rising 500 metres above sea level. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said “THE LINE” will embody “Zero Gravity Urbanism,” where city functions are layered vertically.

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