NEOM Tech & Digital Company announces ZeroPoint DC hyperscale data center to support ecosystem of cognitive technologies

NEOM Tech & Digital Company – on the back of announcing two products at LEAP  has unveiled the range of services it will offer at the half-billion-dollar data center, 'ZeroPoint DC', in partnership with digital infrastructure developer Ezdihar Advanced Company for Information Technology ("EzdiTek").   ZeroPoint DC will support three data centers with a capacity of 36MW and significant room for further expansion. At the nexus of terrestrial and sub-sea cable connections, the plan is to enable direct access to multiple cables, providing rapid, highly secure and carrier-neutral connectivity, in addition to a progressive regulatory framework and access to 100% sustainable energy.

Speaking at Saudi Arabia's flagship technology event, newly appointed ZeroPoint DC CEO Fabio Fontana said: "The region's first next-generation hyperscale data center will be instrumental in powering M3LD, NEOM Tech & Digital Company's groundbreaking, five-layer data-consent management platform, and XVRS, our own take on the metaverse. ZeroPoint DC will support these unique cognitive solutions, and others that follow in their footsteps, by providing fast, effective, high-capacity connectivity, computing power and data storage."

"ZeroPoint DC is crucial to our ability to offer our partners unparalleled access to cutting-edge network capabilities across the region and beyond. The hyperscale data center will drive wider network opportunities and future partnerships and is a testament to the innovation at the heart of NEOM." - Joseph Bradley, CEO of NEOM Tech & Digital Company

NEOM Tech & Digital Company was founded in 2021 as the first subsidiary to be established out of NEOM, a region in Saudi Arabia charting the course for a new future fueled by technology. It was created to power the world's first ecosystem of cognitive technologies and, in partnership with global industry leaders, it aims to co-invent the future of living.

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