NEOM to produce over 600,000 tons of sustainable food to help achieve Saudi self-sufficiency

As part of its mandate to create the most sustainable and environmentally friendly food ecosystems, NEOM targets producing an innovative food sector with a total output of over 600,000 tons by 2030, it has announced.  This should lead to mass self-efficiency and a stronger local economy, the company said in a presentation broadcast during the Saudi International Marine Exhibition and Conference in Riyadh on Sunday.

Production is initially planned to use indoor, or closed, tanks with a recirculating aquaculture system, also known as RAS, across an area of 22 hectares. The area of recirculating ponds is initially planned at 2,500 ha.

NEOM indicated the projected land-based aquaculture segment, which will include RAS and recirculating ponds, targets a total output of 60,000 tons. The recirculating ponds share is set to be 48,000 while that of RAS share is expected at 12,000 tons.

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